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Single block of three classrooms for JSS3 class, serving over 300 students
Status: Approved
Commencement: 2019

Every year, with the government’s approval, GAMSU builds or renovates a set of classrooms to help teachers and students reach their maximum teaching and learning potential. GAMSU believes that the ideal classroom must possess an aura that inspires learning. The appropriate investment in classroom aesthetics play a major role in excellent academic achievements. Schools also receive generous donations of computers and other equipment to aid learning and development.

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GAMSU wishes to impact more lives, and build more classrooms each year, with new learning infrastructure and ICT equipment that will impact over 2000 students and teachers.  GAMSU hopes to renovate about 15 classrooms in 5 schools every year. Your support helps to secure a better educational experience for about 2000 beneficiaries annually in small communities across Nigeria.


Our pilot intervention was the reconstruction of this block of three classrooms serving over four hundred students and twenty teachers. The reconstruction also included a new staff room for the teachers.

For this, the Lagos State Education District IV recognised the Foundation's efforts with a special appreciation award.




The Olomu intervention is our pilot project for the year 2019, after we received approval to raise funds for its rehabilitation.

Olomu Community Junior Secondary School is located in Ajah, Lagos' Education District III, and serves hundreds of children in the community. The stress of the school population has increased infrastructural dilapidation, leaving the school in deplorable state.

The JSS3 classroom block is in execrable condition, with students in the terminal class being unable to focus on lessons in individual classes without demarcating walls.


We plan to rehabilitate this block, demarcating the classrooms properly, while flooring and roofing the structure. Our intervention will include adequate classroom furniture for students. We want a standard makeover that allows the students want to come to school to learn as a result of an enabling environment that inspires.

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Olomu Intervention
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