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Gamaliel Onosode: The Important Legacy He Left Behind

Toyin Olanrewaju Chief Operations Officer, GAMSU

Gamaliel Onosode was a man of many aspects. But I think at the core of his many activities was a simple desire for personal integrity. That desire over the years became very constant in all his dealings. He never wanted to be associated with flawed processes, or transactions that were not transparent. He did not like mistakes either, and so he subjected everything and everyone to proper scrutiny. He held himself to the same standards of transparency and accountability he imposed on everyone else. For him, the lowest good is way better than the tiniest wrong. His options were always limited to the good things. It was out if it even sounded wrong or bad. No questions.

Our Founder, Gamaliel Oforitsenere Onosode.

I consider it a rare privilege to have worked with him as we put his legacy together at GAMSU. He was over eighty years old already at the time, but he was always working. He never used the intercom. Instead, he would come all the way to my office to discuss. The wealth knowledge I gained from him in that short period is worth its weight in gold.

He was meticulous; very detailed. We would sit for hours writing and rewriting letters; they had to be perfect. Because the things that are within your power to do appropriately, you should do them appropriately. That totally defined the man for me. He never left things to chance when he knew he had the ability, the means, to effect positive change.

That is why GAMSU is such an important legacy. When I share about the work we do here, I tell people that it is more than doing charity or throwing our work into things for that purpose only. It is a responsibility we put on ourselves to make the change, when and however we can. Society really only develops when the members see its development as their responsibility.

These things we learnt from our founder, they are important to our mission and vision for Nigeria. And they illustrate the heart of this very kind and generous gentleman of reputable integrity. In the end, we want to provide the opportunity to everyone to have a good chance at sustainable success.

The good of everybody was what he lived for, and we hope to continue that legacy.

And even though we miss him, we know that the best way to continue to honour him is to continue his passion, and bear his light in every aspect of our activities at GAMSU.


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