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Gamaliel Onosode: Remember To Not Forget

As the years slip by, we realise how difficult it is to continue to extol the virtues of Gamaliel Onosode to a newer, younger generation who did not meet him, and never heard of him. Perhaps that has become the greatest challenge for all those who loved the great man.

It begins with a bewilderment that betrays a sad heart when we see Nigerian youths decide to lay down the worthy virtues of good character and integrity, tired and weary from trying too hard with little to no results. Where are the leaders who inspire?

It is in times like this that we remember all the more all that he stood for, and why it is important to never forget all the lessons that his life taught to millions of people. His impact reached numerous countries across the world, and to be known as a man of integrity in a world continuously given to the greasy palms of corruption and shady character is a hat very few can lay claim to today.

We must, together, remember not to forget the man, Gamaliel Onosode.


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