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GAMSU Celebrates 9 Years Anniversary

When our late founder, Gamaliel Onosode, thought about a lasting legacy that could change the nation, he gave this Foundation as a final great gift. This highlights his life of sacrifice for the greater good, and commitment to what will see Nigeria become the very best in the near future.

As we remember a great man’s birth, and the persistence of his legacy, we restate our commitment to his highest values, and to continue to elevate the standard of Nigerian education across board.

Our Foundation will continue to spearhead the development of Nigeria's primary education sector, particularly with out Ideal Classrooms Programme. With this programme, we hope to create better learning environments and safe spaces for Nigeria's future.

We have continued to provide support to our partners who are doing amazing work of providing digital education to under-privileged children. We are grateful for the work of Dolly Foundation and The Destiny Trust, showing us that together we can provide hope for the next generation.

As we progress, we hope that more people will come along on a journey that will help us continue to consistently improve the quality of education in Nigeria, one child, one school, one community at a time.


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